Brass pipes are made of different alloys and come in a variety of sizes.

Brass pipes are used in many industries including automotive and decorative industries. Brass pipes are used to produce valves, car radiators and chandeliers.

This products in accordance with international standards. The following standards comply for brass tubes:

DIN 17660
Wrought copper alloys; copper-zinc alloys; (brass); (special brass); composition.

DIN 17671-1
Wrought copper and copper alloy tubes; properties.

ASTM B135-10
Standard Specification for Seamless Brass Tube

JIS H 3300

Publication date: 2009-07-20
Copper and copper alloy seamless pipes and tubes

Alloy Denomination Standard Conformance Chemical Composition
ISO ASTM USA DIN Germany JIS Japan BS England Cu Lead Zinc
70B Cartridge Brass CuZn30 C 26000 CuZn30 C 2600 CZ 106 68.5 – 71.5 Rem
65B Yellow Brass CuZn35 C 27000 CuZn36 C 2700 CZ 107 64 – 66 Rem
63B Common Brass CuZn37 C 27400 CuZn37 C 2720 CZ 108 62 – 64 Rem