What is important in busbar are high electrical and thermal conductivity, good mechanical properties, high corrosion resistance, fatigue and creep and high plasticity. Copper buses are the best option for this situation.

Tin plating with copper buses increases corrosion resistance and increases joint performance.

Copper buses are used for electrical current transmission and power distribution, and are widely used in electrical panels. Because the bus flow is high, the electrical conductivity of the product is a priority.


DIN 1787
Copper – Half-finished Products.DIN 1759
Rectangular Bars of Copper and Wrought Copper Alloys, Drawn, with Sharp Edges; Dimensions, Permissible Variations, Static Values.ASTM B133M-93A
Specification for Copper Rod, Bar, And Shapes Metric

JIS H 3250
Copper and copper alloy rods and bars