Pancake Coil Copper Tube (PCC) intended for use in the connection, repairs, or alternations of air conditioning  or refrigerator units in the field.  ATLAS MAHAN Co. Pancake tube is in accordance with specifications given in ASTM Standard (B88 , B280) and European Norm standard (EN12735) and other general norms. According to EN standard, Pancake tube has good bending properties for using in utility supplies such as plumbing installations, gas transport networks, air conditioning systems and refrigerant piping. These products are usually supplied in the annealed form. All coils are cleaned and capped to keep it away from entering any contaminants. These are individually labeled, shrink wrapped and boxed in cardboard cartons for ease of handling and distribution.


 Pancakes are packed in cardboard box ,with shrink film bags.

 Pancakes are delivered on wooden pallets and wrapped with plastic film.

 Layer of pancake : 1 ,2,3 layers

 End caps

 Optional :

1- Silica gel

2- Print on tubes